Top 10 Tips to Create the Best Results for Makeup Application

The following is a list I give to all of my seniors a month before their senior session. Since they all receive professional makeup and hair the day of their session, it’s imperative for them to have the best canvas to work with the day of.

1.  Exfoliate with a physical exfoliator at least 2 days prior to your application session. It will help reduce dry patches and texturing.

2. Wash your face thoroughly before your session and apply a hydrating moisturizer. The foundation with apply more evenly if your face is prepped and ready before any color is applied.

3. Try to avoid using products containing salicylic acid at least 3 days before your appointment as it severely dries out the skin.

4. If you wear contacts, be sure to have them in prior to your session.

5. Be sure to wear a loose light colored shirt with a large neck-hole or a button up for easy removal after your session.

6.  Do not have your eyebrows waxed for at least a week before your session. It tends to cause a lot of redness and swelling and in some cases even some scabbing.

7. Be sure to get a good night’s rest prior to your appointment, there is nothing attractive about puffiness and bags under the eyes.

8. Bring pictures of styles that you are comfortable with. The artist may make suggestions, however, you are the one who 

needs to feel beautiful and pictures are a great indicator of your preference.

9. I recommend brushing your teeth before your appointment also to avoid smearing your lip color.

10. Lastly, trust your artist. Remaining calm and steady when products are being applied near your eyes is crucial. Twitching and squirming often causes errors. When you seem confident and collected it helps the artist focus on the task to ensure a stunning finish.

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