#11 04.28.2015 Peter’s Beerday


We’re BACK! Today’s episode we clear up on why some of the episodes haven’t been coming in as they use to be.  Peter tells us about his birthday adventure, Jerlyn talks about IMATS and Allen makes another huge purchase.  Once again we would like to thank everyone who listens everytime an episode comes up we appreciate and love all of you!

Scarlet Jar E-Juice Review

So a friend of mine started this new e-juice line called Scarlet Jar.  She kindly asked me to try the juices and ask for my honest opinions.  After a few days wait and lies from the tracking number I finally got to try it today. I have to say I was quite impressed with all the juices that I received.

The mod I tried the juices on was a Sigeli 150 with a Freakshow RDA.  For my build I had a 24g Nichrome wire with 7 wraps reading at .16 Ohm.   THe cotton I used as a wick was the organic Japanese cotton The Mod is set to 80watts and is at 3.7 volts  All juices had a 3mg nicotine level.

Fayii –  I was actually quite surprised with this juice.  After reading the description, I automatically thought I was not going to like it.  The reason being is that I am usually not fond of tobacco blends BUT this one I wouldn’t mind spending my money on.  The tobacco is subtle with this juice and it blends very well with the citrus when you inhale and when you exhale you can taste the smooth candy flavor.  Would I make this an all day vape? Probably not but I would not mind having this when I want to have something different for my taste palette .

Lilapap – Now the description did warn me that it was a sweetness overload and it was not wrong.  I will at first inhale I immediately felt a sugar rush for some reason.  I can taste the mojito they were referring too. I can see myself enjoying this juice on a summer day during a bbq or just chilling with friends having a cold drink. It is a very tasty juice and worthy of being an all day vape.

Wajuu – This is my absolute favorite and maybe because I am biased towards the dessert custard flavor.  It is a bit strong from the other custards that I get.  This will def be in my menu of all day vapes.  It tastes delicious when you inhale and the taste does not leave when you exhale.  This is something I can def vape after dinner, playing video games, walking my dog, anytime.  I see myself ordering a new bottle as soon as I open my current one.

Overall, all the juices are very good. They are well made and I can tell that the Scarlet Jar team took their time to perfect this juice line. I hope to see their line in my local shops around me.  I would not mind ordering from them directly but I have little patience for such good juice. They def have made a fan out of me and I hope they come out with more juices in the future.


Follow them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/scarletjar and on instagram https://instagram.com/scarletjar_


#10 04.10.2015 Ride or Die on the Roulette Wheel


Mr. Santos speaks about his adventures in Atlantic City. The group discusses The latest action pack thriller Furious 7.  Jerlyn talks about working retail during the Easter holiday. Jerlyn also gets a new addition to her family.

#09 Road Rage

We’re BACK! After a month of being away from the podcast scene the Ahh Snap team has a lot to talk about.  Jerlyn’s Birthday, Santos gets a new car, Road rage.  This is an episode you will want to sit down and listen to.

#08 02.24.2015 Yellow Snow

Mr. Santos talks about his journey to South Philadelphia while driving in the snow to watch wrestling and to celebrate the Lunar New Year at Soundgarden.  Peter talks about his new project and Jerlyn tells us about her video shoot with Make-up Artist Jordan Liberty

#07 02.17.2015 50 Shades of Beads

Snow has fallen upon the surrounding Philadelphia area but that will not stop us from giving you a quality show.  We cover what we will be giving up for Lent.  The reason why people celebrate Mardi Gras as well sharing stories on this night.  50 shades was mention as well as what our sexual boundaries are.



#06 02.10.2015 Sushi Credit

For this podcast, Mr. Santos gets into a bit of a situation over the weekend.  It started out awesome but made a total 180 in the course of 24 hours.  Peter brings up the awesome new of Spiderman being integrated into future marvel movies and we talk about sushi etiquette.



#05 02.03.2015 Super Haunted Bowl

On this episode we talk about our thoughts on the ending this year’s Superbowl.  Allen has an emergency he had to take care of in the middle of the show.  We also share our retail horror stories as well as something we were able to get away with.  Lastly we talk about the holiday of love which is Valentine’s Day.

#04 01.29.2015 – Brain Teasers!

This episode the group play a few fun brain teasers that confuse both ilipac and jerlyn.  Mr. Santos talks about his experience at WWE’s Royal Rumble as well comparing the PS4 to the Xbox One.  And we take a look at the first Sex Theme park.




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