#08 02.24.2015 Yellow Snow

Mr. Santos talks about his journey to South Philadelphia while driving in the snow to watch wrestling and to celebrate the Lunar New Year at Soundgarden.  Peter talks about his new project and Jerlyn tells us about her video shoot with Make-up Artist Jordan Liberty

#07 02.17.2015 50 Shades of Beads

Snow has fallen upon the surrounding Philadelphia area but that will not stop us from giving you a quality show.  We cover what we will be giving up for Lent.  The reason why people celebrate Mardi Gras as well sharing stories on this night.  50 shades was mention as well as what our sexual boundaries are.



#06 02.10.2015 Sushi Credit

For this podcast, Mr. Santos gets into a bit of a situation over the weekend.  It started out awesome but made a total 180 in the course of 24 hours.  Peter brings up the awesome new of Spiderman being integrated into future marvel movies and we talk about sushi etiquette.



#05 02.03.2015 Super Haunted Bowl

On this episode we talk about our thoughts on the ending this year’s Superbowl.  Allen has an emergency he had to take care of in the middle of the show.  We also share our retail horror stories as well as something we were able to get away with.  Lastly we talk about the holiday of love which is Valentine’s Day.

#04 01.29.2015 – Brain Teasers!

This episode the group play a few fun brain teasers that confuse both ilipac and jerlyn.  Mr. Santos talks about his experience at WWE’s Royal Rumble as well comparing the PS4 to the Xbox One.  And we take a look at the first Sex Theme park.




An awesome journey through my eyes